Corporation details - The Inebriated Bivalves [.TIB.]
Alliance: The Rogue Consortium CEO: GR0170
Kills: 1938 HQ:
Losses: 146 Members: 27
ISK destroyed: 960.60B Shares: 9000
ISK lost: 19.19B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 98.04% Website:
The Inebriated Bivalves are a merry band of experienced capsuleers with the singular goal enjoying EvE through PvP, ratting, mining, market, & industrial operations.

The full array of services are offered for members including a robust ship replacement program (or just free ships!) for FC led PvP, access to
rorqual/orca boosted mining fleets, discount refinery and reaction services, logistics, and tons of safe places in null, lowsec, and highsec to call home with lots of experienced friends to watch your back. T1 industrial and mining hulls are replaced at no cost no matter the circumstance of the loss for the first 90 days of membership. Hundreds of bpcs are provided at cost or free.

Prospective members should include a brief introduction in their application. Experience is preferred (35mil sp) but we are willing to mentor the properly motivated candidate. Stop by
.TIB. Public with any questions or submit an application to begin your career with The Inebriated Bivalves and fly with the best today!
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