Corporation details - Sacrificial -n- Cold Fear [-SNCF]
Alliance: The Rogue University CEO: Ghozer
Kills: 105 HQ:
Losses: 47 Members: 68
ISK destroyed: 68.02B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 3.74B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 94.78% Website:
- Sacrificial -n- Cold Fear (aka, Super Cute, and Fluffy) - The 20+ year history. (in brief)

The Date, December 26th, The Year, 1997... A young boy is sat in his bedroom playing Star Craft, he randomly decides to create a clan, he calls it Sacrificial -n- Cold Fear, {SCF}

The years pass, the member numbers increase, {SCF} adds more games to it's portfolio, through Star Craft, Diablo, WarCraft, through Couter Strike (1.3), Unreal Tournament, GuildWars, Natural Selection, and others.. at it's peak it had a community of over 1000 members, hosting multiple game servers.

{SCF} was thriving, but as with many things real life got in the way, and the founder was unable to be around for a while, and this spelled the end of {SCF} as it was...

But {SCF} always stuck around, in one form or another, with some of it's original founder, and some of it's original members from back in the early days...

Now {SCF} is in EvE, known as "-SnCF" (due to ticker limitations) it's original founder returning to EvE after a long break, looking to rebuild the Corp, and continue making memories of {SCF} for a long time to come...


As a corporation, we are friendly, just want to play and have fun.
We are currently recruiting..

- High-Sec/Null-Sec PvE/PvP
- Large friendly Alliance
- Dedicated Industry and Corp Mining Ops
- Exploration
- Small and large Gang PvP
- Mature Players
- Not just a corp, a Family

"Love with a Bite"

Join us for a chat in our public channel, over at
SnCF Public

Our Sister Corp :
Crazy Aces
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