Corporation details - The Crimson Order [TCOMG]
Alliance: Blue Sun Interstellar Technologies CEO: Ewel Long
Kills: 7 HQ:
Losses: 1 Members: 58
ISK destroyed: 330.84B Shares: 6000
ISK lost: 0.00B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 100.00% Website:
The Crimson Order (TCO) is a collection of adult game enthusiasts that has endured for over 12 years, through multiple games. We are influenced heavily by our many active and prior service members, and as such, have created a very structured and cohesive guild that allows for maximum opportunity for members to advance through their own merits. "Guild Drama" is put down with extreme prejudice, as all of us are adults who do this in spite of our jobs, not as our jobs, as is the case in some other guilds. These reasons, along with a strict spiritual adherence to our core principles, have given TCO lasting power that transcends pixels on the screen, and truly has become a collection of friends.

The Crimson Order is historically known for our focus on military operations (PvP, AvA activities). TCO will be very active in capturing and holding territory in any game we participate in. Due of the extent of operations in any PvP game, we are looking for strategic partners in other guilds.

The Crimson Order will also be aggressively pursuing PvE content, and will be actively engaging edge content where availible in all of our game chapters.

Military friendly - many of our leaders and members are active or prior military.
Proven history and staying power - The Crimson Order is not a fly by night guild and has continuously existed for more than ten years in various games while other guilds folded and closed up shop.
Highly structured - we have a structured top-down military organization. When you join, you won't just be in an amorphous blob of members who are left to their own devices.
Awesome environment - when you join The Crimson Order, you are joining a community of fellow gamers. Our members say they keep coming back to TCO for our community.
18+ community - we only accept adult members.
Anti-drama - we don't tolerate drama or power plays.

Our values define who we are, what we strive for, and where we go in the future. All members of TCO are expected to live, breathe, and act in accordance to these values.

Duty. Honor. Respect. Dignity. Courage. Innovation. Adaptability. Maturity. Distinction.

TCO's vision today builds upon on our past strengths with a focus on providing the best possible experience for our members in the present and into the future.

Our vision is to provide member focused leadership, strong organization, open two-way communication, service to our online community, and a fun and supportive environment. The Crimson Order will strive for excellence in all that it does.

Our focus is to have a fully functioning, independent force in any multiplayer game where we participate. We will cover all aspects of combat, command, training, information, crafting, supply, and dominance of the entire globe.

TCO is organized based on a slightly modified military structure but in line with the lore of each game where we participate. We have a clear chain of command led by the Guildmaster of The Crimson Order. We use the tried and true structure of Company/Platoon/Squad to make up the backbone of our organization. We also have other specialist detachments that will focus on various tasks. The entire structure is constantly reviewed to maximize efficiency.

Promotions in TCO are earned through hard work, talent, and determination. Corruption and nepotism have no place in TCO.

The leadership of TCO has over twenty two years of combined experience leading guilds and organizations for a large variety of games and in real life as well. Our command staff is focused on serving the needs of their members first, not on expanding their personal power or fame.

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Warp Disruption Battery
POS Module
Da Imbalance
01B-88 (0.0)
I: 15 C: 0
A24L-V (0.0)
I: 2004 C: 0
Siren II
A24L-V (0.0)
I: 1793 C: 0
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