Corporation details - Maidens Of The Chalice [MOTCC]
Alliance: Two Maidens One Chalice CEO: Xerxes Leviathan
Kills: 3032 HQ:
Losses: 437 Members: 34
ISK destroyed: 1,022.42B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 41.24B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 96.12% Website: http://
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Creator and member of
Two Maidens One Chalice

Gian Bal
First Commander'Riker (Director)

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Some of the salt we farm:

Lys Garybaldy > lol, you really are the worst with all those blackbird alts

Waylo 2 > i guess your payment is you dont lose all your stuff?
Waylo 2 > you bring 5 blackbirds
Waylo 2 > lmao
Waylo 2 > maximum fear confirmed

Deep Bleu > every time i warped a battleship around
Deep Bleu > litterally EVERY time
Deep Bleu > riker or creed been there with blackbird
Deep Bleu > look at my killboard
Deep Bleu > and the BS losses

Hestam Nabali > I bet you guys are rapists and total mysognist pigs in real life
Hestam Nabali > cant get a date so you have to take your anger out online

Ereter Fortruner > Maidens Of The Chalice noone of you can in solo, and I know it very well

trevor lovespain >
Gian Bal is a cheese melt die hard tying to be relevent when no one cares FACT

vovavologda > next time guys you can try NONGAY ships

[–]amarrfwfan [score hidden] 5 minutes ago
Caution: Gian Bal is an ass

That moment when the only other person in local starts saying weird shit in local
and then you're like "Oh it's TMOCC."

Witch Hark Hark > Only Heretics I see are TOMCC, always starting civil wars because their leaders an autistic mongo

Miss Fitz >
Gian Bal guysare your scare?

[20:30:36] Deep Bleu > Two Blackbirds One Baittank come on?

Rathe Darmazaf > Does it suck knowing 90% of the eve world hates you? and thinks your a douchebag?

Shlunky > have mercy you fucks
Kill: Shlunky (Loki)
Kill: Shlunky (Capsule)
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