Corporation details - Order of the Shadow [SHDOP]
Alliance: The Revenant Order CEO: Jack Carrigan
Kills: 167 HQ:
Losses: 46 Members: 58
ISK destroyed: 434.99B Shares: 2500
ISK lost: 4.09B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 99.07% Website:
The Order of the Shadow is a professional group made up of pilots from all career paths, be they industrial, or PvP oriented. We are currently recruiting, contact Jack Carrigan via EVE mail or join TRO Pub for details.

Currently accepting applications from the following roles:
- Corporate/Industrial Security
- Logistics/EWAR Operators
- Carrier/Dreadnought Pilots
- Mining
- Manufacturing
- Research and Development
- Transport

- Preference Given to Present/Former Service Members
- Small Gang PvP/Regular Roams
- PvP Training
- Low Sec Living
- Null Sec/WH Roaming
- Orca Supported Mining
- Citadel Compression/Reprocessing
- Engineering Complex Manufacturing Array
- Low Tax on Planetary Interaction
- Mission Support
- Manufacturing
- Level 4/Level 5 Missions
- Equipment for New Players
- Assistance in Upgrading from Rookie Ships
- Assistance in fitting ships for PvP/PvE
- Discord

When applying include the following in the body of your application:
- Recruiter
- Time Zone
Known Pilots (20)
PilotKill PointsDmg Done (isk)Dmg Received (isk)Efficiency
Acheron Hakaari00M78.0425M0%
Atticus Vex5354512.5515M38.27705M99.16%
Deazelpwr Aldent2813988.945M0M100%
Diaishi Akye4664.063M0M100%
Donut Vape00M0M50%
Faile Ay'Bara148.0629M0M100%
Freydis Tian1630.8691M59.1918M34.28%
Imperator Zed9957192444.651914M207.0929M99.89%
Jack Carrigan9938191114.452025M3196.66176M98.35%
Samuel Wolfenstein32321.101M0M100%
Sans Fire9475381.1548M0M100%
Thoradain Greelich15575834.08842M611.7331M90.51%
Trianna Relani7121294.3382M0M100%
Zeprial Deluca273111.34892M0M100%
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