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Alliance: The Rogue Consortium CEO: Saad Skjem
Kills: 215 HQ:
Losses: 80 Members: 44
ISK destroyed: 88.13B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 14.21B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 86.12% Website: http://
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The Tetragrammaton is another name for pi to the 7th power begotten by pi to the 7th power.
The same can be expressed with 22/7 or the circumference of a circle squared

The name, which some people pronounce as Yahweh and others (mostly Christians) as Jehovah, appears 5,410 times in the Bible (1,419 of those in the Torah).

The four letters of the Tetragrammaton form the root meaning “to be,” and some have understood the original meaning to be “He-Who-Is,” or “He who brings being into being.”

Language splits the mind. It causes the observer (consciousness from source) to mistake language for its self identity. A fiction was then created, the narrator in your head. And this same false instrument or fiction is the instrument we use to try and figure out concepts like divinity and enlightenment if they exist at all? I can’t see what Is because I’m blinded from the first logical predicate. The baseline function of language and how that program runs like a AI (artificial intelligence) a non “living” entity in your mind.

This causes the grand illusion - The pursuit of anything creates an opposite affect. By pursuing happiness I am admitting I am unhappy. By pursuing enlightenment I am admitting I am anything less but already complete. By always seeking pleasure I am weakened as I don’t understand pain.

I see in the world things I wish to see, in accordance with perception bent by the foriegn entity -- Language

We have been programmed by an artificial construct called language. The voice in the human mind that the observer (source consciousness) has given a false identity to. This entity is so powerful that it creates In the human mind a rift. Through the looking glass of the Tetragrammaton we view this world. The one eyed god. The blind god. Jehovah. The true prison of the mind.
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