Corporation details - The Soul Society [TSSOC]
Alliance: Test Alliance Please Ignore CEO: Rocky65
Kills: 223 HQ: Mastakomon VIII - Moon 1 - CONCORD Bureau
Losses: 85 Members: 225
ISK destroyed: 357.38B Shares: 5000
ISK lost: 10.65B Tax Rate: 7%
Efficiency: 97.11% Website:
The Soul Society is a well established corporation. Together we are carving our way into a prosperous and exciting future whilst enjoying the challenges the journey brings us along the way.

Currently based in Null Sec we have a variety of pilots of all skill levels, and on various time zones. We specialise in Indy & Manufacturing but also have experienced PVP & PVE pilots in corp.

If you would like to know more about our corporation, or if you wish to join us please do not hesitate to contact us
TSSOC Recruitment.

XO's: Thomas Bryant & Anduin Spartan
Diplo: Twistedfiend
Head Recruiter: Cookem
Will Stab you with a black plastic knife: Cayenne Amberwood
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