Corporation details - Rogue University [R.UNI]
Alliance: The Rogue University CEO: Liza Verinia
Kills: 1284 HQ:
Losses: 1621 Members: 455
ISK destroyed: 497.77B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 75.18B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 86.88% Website:
Rogue University is a university corporation. Join our public channel: T.R.C Public or our Uni Discord!

Who We Are

We were founded in in 2018 as a place where new pilots could step into nullsec for the first time. Here, pilots that are new to EVE learn about nullsec life, making ISK, and PVP. Our goal is to teach new or returning players about how to live, fight, and survive in nullsec.

We operate out of the North American and European timezone and speak primarily English, although we have players online throughout the day and all over the world. We are proud members of
The Rogue Consortium.

University Leadership
- Dean of Students: Ilan Metesur/Liza Verinia
- Director of Recruitment:
- Director of Academics:
Rakan Fury
- Founder: William Adtur

Recruiting New Pilots
If you are a new or returning player looking for a tight community, message us anytime. We are recruiting new players: Rogue University Wants You!.

Join our public channel:
T.R.C Public or our Uni Discord today!
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