Corporation details - Banshee Armada [BAARM]
Alliance: Sev3rance CEO: Arvit Arizz
Kills: 5364 HQ:
Losses: 28 Members: 64
ISK destroyed: 1,661.56B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 1.03B Tax Rate: 2%
Efficiency: 99.94% Website:
In the cold space, you hear a scream. This is the Banshee fleet that is looking for fresh blood. He appears unannounced and after a very loud battle leaves behind only the wrecks of the ships he meets.

We are part of Providence Coalition, and follow NRDS rules.

Recruitment - Selective open
Recruitment Channel - Banshe Recruitment
Diplomat - Karn Shazih ligth williams

Empty applications will be rejected

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