Corporation details - Moment By Moment [.MBM.]
Alliance: The Rogue Consortium CEO: Nam Jaji
Kills: 453 HQ:
Losses: 232 Members: 150
ISK destroyed: 208.23B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 20.58B Tax Rate: 1%
Efficiency: 91.00% Website:
Establised in 2019.06.04

I fell asleep while naming the corp.
I was cooking shrimps on a snowy mountain in the dream.
Just a second before the mouthful munch on the pink juicy shrimp, freakin Gallante Domi in potato mode caught my eye.
I woke up.
Named the corp Space Snow Shrimp.
Members went mad.
We put up a vote.
and thanks to the Kingcrab, the infamous Korean vote manipulation program, this corp has been named

Moment By Moment

Recruit contact :
Nam Jaji , Lindows Hakurei
Discord : NamJa#7369
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