Corporation details - Starforged University [S-F-U]
Alliance: The Rogue University CEO: Glory Ho
Kills: 75 HQ:
Losses: 39 Members: 79
ISK destroyed: 61.16B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 2.35B Tax Rate: 4.9%
Efficiency: 96.30% Website: http://
Welcome to the Starforged University Please take a seat classes will begin shorty :)

Here at the University we will train you to bring out the best of your abilities. We have Divisions in all aspects of EVE be it industry all the way through to Wormhole expedition, so you will have a variety of choices to train towards.

Our team mates have Volunteered their time to help you get better aquainted with EvE and the vast knowledge that comes along with this community. Please feel free to explore on your own as well, there's alot to do so let's get right into it. Firstly, you'll need to know who our lead facilitators are:
bonxx - Communications, Diplomacy, Logistics
kat's - Industry, Mining
Sal Niam - Ratting, Fitting, Redheads
Tee-Ex Swift - Lead Facilitator, Onboarding

What we offer;

Ship Replacement Program (SRP)

The Rogue Consortium has a ship replacement program (SRP). This means that if you get blown up, you will be compensated if you lose a ship. Essentially, this program is to make sure you’re not discouraged when you lose a ship. Losing ships is a part of EVE, but that doesn’t mean that you should be financially set back by it.

Buyback Program
You can sell any materials directly to us. We buy all materials at 90% current Jita buy prices.

Classes and Fleets
Every week, we host classes on many subjects, from money making to EVE politics to PVP. If you want to learn about something in particular, reach out in the alliance chat and we will either teach it through text or hop on Discord to get into it more deeply.
In addition to the classes, we have many fleets for mining and fighting on a regular basis. Keep track of the Alliance Discord! They will all be posted in those channels


This corporation has courier service that is much safer way to transit high volumes of goods into our hisec, nullsec, and lowsec home, or Amarr at only the cost of fuel.


The corporation and alliance both have monetary programs to encourage PVP participation every month.
You will receive 5mil ISK per time you appear on a killmail that is reported on our Zkillboard 3, with a minimum of 20 kills and maximum of 100 kills each month.
You do not have to email any kill links or reports to anyone–payouts are made automatically, generally in the second week of every month.

We are all times members must be;
All members must be in Teamspeak to communicate, even if in a "poke" status.
All members must be in a standing fleet.
All members must be in an active status on the Alliance and COorporation Discord.

Teamwork, Trust, Proficiency
All these things are neccessary to a growing and positive experience as a capsuleer. Let the Starforged University (Rogue University) conglomerate help you make your time in EVE as great as it can be.
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