Corporation details - Omni Galactic [-O.G-]
Alliance: Central Omni Galactic Group CEO: Momiji Sakora
Kills: 20528 HQ:
Losses: 137 Members: 108
ISK destroyed: 7,431.24B Shares: 3000
ISK lost: 52.16B Tax Rate: 1.5%
Efficiency: 99.30% Website:
Greetings, Capsuleer. Omni Galactic is looking for uniquely qualified team members. Please familiarize yourself with our corporate culture, goals, and rules of engagement below. After you have done so, and feel you would fit, submit an application below.

// About Us

Motto: "Strength Through Unity" - Nomatter what hardships befall our corporation, we are stronger when we work together.

// Corporation Allegiance

We hold no allegiance to any one nation. However as we operate heavily in Amarr space it is highly recommended employees and applicants are on friendly terms with the Empire.

Omni Galactic supports nad respects NRDS engagement rules. Within Wormholes NBSI rules may apply.

Minmatar sympathizers or capsuleers who want to work from within to make life better for those less fortunate within the Amarr Empire are very welcome within Omni Galactic.

// Other Info

O.G. understands and respects your real life obligations. We run ops on the fly, both at alliance level, and within the greater Providence Coalition.

What we can offer our Employees;
- Free T1 Frigates and Destroyers*
- Discounts on Corporate Products*
- Access to high level Agents
- Jump Clone installation access.
- A friendly social company.

// Rules of Engagement

- You are not Kill-On-Sight to Amarr Empire or Concord (your unmodified faction standing must remain above -5.0, and Sec Status above -2.5)
- You are expected to treat all players with respect regardless of affiliation
- You refrain from scamming, can-flipping, and excessive smacktalk, preserving the corporation's image and integrity
- You are willing to fly with other corp members in various activities, and share when able activities you are running
- We follow CONCORD regulations in high-security Empire space
- We respect the rules of sovereign NRDS space
- We fly free of constraint in known 0.0 space which is lawless or occupied by NBSI pilots

If all this still sounds like the environment you'd like to be a part of, submit an application at the bottom of this window.
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