Corporation details - Hard Knocks Inc. [HRDKX]
Alliance: Hard Knocks Citizens CEO: Braxus Deninard
Kills: 749 HQ:
Losses: 360 Members: 580
ISK destroyed: 1,210.18B Shares: 540000
ISK lost: 77.03B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 94.02% Website:
Hard Knocks - "Offering Wormhole Space and Nullsec Guaranteed High-Speed Ammo Delivery Since 2010"
...and just in case you were wondering, the "n" is silent.

Public Channel:
Hard Knocks

Braxus Deninard (AU/US)
BA Baracus (AU/EU)
Loroseco Kross (EU)
Viktor Pvolman (EU)

Braxus Deninard (AU)
gr33nCO (US)
Heift (US)
Jaiden Solo (EU)
Moo Moocow (EU)

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Hard Knocks
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