Corporation details - Order Collective [ORCO]
Alliance: Initiative Mercenaries CEO: Durallian
Kills: 205 HQ:
Losses: 73 Members: 74
ISK destroyed: 649.09B Shares:
ISK lost: 5.98B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 99.09% Website:
Throughout the years, Order Collective's philosophy has always been that we fly together. Even though we are in a big alliance, that is still true to this day. We PVP, PVE, mine, explore -- All together as a team.

Order Collective (ORCO) is a Null Sec corp currently based in Fountain and Querious. We form part of the Initiative Mercenaries Alliance. Our primary timezone is US based, but we have players from all over the globe.

We offer:
+Skill plans and training sessions for new members (if required).
+Initial and ongoing support in regard to making sure you have the correct ships for fleet ops.
+Ship Replacement Program for casual fleets.
+Regular opportunities to fly together.
+A corp buy back system of most things (such as ore, salvage and loot).

Order Collective is mainly made up from experienced players who have lived in Null Sec space for many years. We pride ourselves on our willingness to help out newbros to become efficient and competent Null Sec players. We also welcome experienced players joining our ranks too. For us it is the sense of community that drives us.

Co-CEO and Diplomat JackEuchre
Director Hawkeye Macbeth
Director Tomard Kadran
Director Senious Khamsi

If you are interested in joining us, or if you just want to say hi, please feel free to join our public chat channel ORCO.

Contacts for Recruitment are
Hawkeye Macbeth (NZ/AU), Durallian (EU), Senious Khamsi (US) but please join ORCO. and just talk to members there.
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