Corporation details - Order Collective [ORCO]
Alliance: Initiative Mercenaries CEO: Durallian
Kills: 204 HQ:
Losses: 73 Members: 69
ISK destroyed: 649.04B Shares:
ISK lost: 5.98B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 99.09% Website:
Order collective fly's together. Whether than is PVP, PVE, Ratting, Mining, Exploration or whatnot, we really just like to hang out and have fun doing it.

Order Collective (ORCO) is a new player friendly corp that speicializes in nothing, specificially other than working together.

We offer:
+Skill plans and training sessions for new members if required
+Ship Replacement for casual fleets
+Regular PVP, PVE and mining fleets.
+CORP Buy back of most things, with Jita Price payout for Ore

Co-CEO JackEuchre
Director Hawkeye Macbeth
Director Daniel Meza
Director Senious Khamsi

Interested in Joining or just looking for a General Chat please join our Publc Channel. Order Collective Contacts for Recruitment are Hawkeye Macbeth (AU), Durallian (EU), JackEuchre (US)
Message from the founder:

I've been in a number corps, and most were Benevolent Dictatorships. That was fine, until the leader had to be gone, then the corp was kind of aimless.

In addition, there wasn't a way in which you were rewarded for the effort you put into a corp. I would run missions and pay taxes, but the miners would keep all their money, and we both had the same benefits. Didn't make sense.

I started Order Collective to address these issues. You get out of ORCO what you put into it. It's designed around a corporate structure that can continue even if the leader is absent.

I hope you'll give us a shot and find a great home!
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