Corporation details - Caldari Colonial Defense Ministry [CCDM]
Alliance: Templis CALSF CEO: Safoi
Kills: 2743 HQ:
Losses: 573 Members: 89
ISK destroyed: 1,797.69B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 122.34B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 93.63% Website:
First and foremost we are a PVP Corporation. We focus on lowsec, nullsec and tournament PVP. However CCDM is not limited to just PVP, we also have industrial and ISK making opportunities. Enlistment opportunities are available to all combat, industrial, logistics and mining capsuleer’s primarily from the North American time zone.

Here is what CCDM Offers:

Internal Hauling Program
- We move you and your ships to the front line!

Daily Fleets and PVP
- Fleet as often as you want!

Black Ops Team
- Special Operations Group of Templis CALSF

Forward Thinking Leadership
- A strong leadership team here to serve you!

Ship SRP
- T1/T2 Logi/Recon for Alliance fleets

Citadel Network
- Expanding network of citadels
- Clone bays

Join the Caldari Colonial Defense MInistry... A Corporation for the Combat Pilot. We work for you!

Legacy Site:
CALSF on the Web:
Public Channel:

We are looking for stand up mature pilots. We are very active so you will have lots of opportunity to fleet and hone your PVP skills. So if this is something you are interested in. Please join CCDM Chan.

CCDM is the proud Executor of Templis CALSF Alliance.

Recruiters: Auroraqual
Diplomats: Safoi Auroraqual
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