Corporation details - The Terrifying League Of Dog Fort [DOGFT]
Alliance: Freight Train Diplomacy CEO: Ashkrall
Kills: 175 HQ:
Losses: 103 Members: 186
ISK destroyed: 836.55B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 14.05B Tax Rate: 12.5%
Efficiency: 98.35% Website:
Recruitment: OPEN
For recruitment inquiries: The Dog Fort

[05:25:58] Purple Lamborghini > Heads up shitload of dreads coming in

[21:38:03] Gimora > Everyone is CEO of Dog fort, thats what makes it amazing.

[23:35:13] REQUIEMSORN > oh dogfort
[23:35:24] REQUIEMSORN > you'll never change

[23:13:06] Paradox Nine > so, I went online to find your corp website and well came up to a porn site since your link is broken

Kill: Aniketos Mikel (Viator)
[23:40:46] Mapache Doom > #360noscan

Exporting Culture since 2012.

The “hippo helicopter” is so much worse than it sounds. Despite their big teeth, hippopotami are sort of cute and snuggly, right? Well, not when they’re mating. Evidently, competition for females is fierce, so the males have to go the extra mile to attract their mates. How does the male do this? By simultaneously defecating and urinating while spinning his tail like a rotor, flinging the mixture far and wide. Apparently the females love this sexy display. Although I guess it’s better than the giraffe ritual of tasting urine.

(4:17:07 AM) Praesus Lecti:'s time to enjoy some pudding. And when I say enjoy, I of course mean slathering it all over my body and sliding around the living room on plastic sheeting.

[22:54:44] Spatula King > dogfort is worse than 4chan

[22:56:46] Alfius Togra > Dog Fort, best Fort (they didn't have to buy their fort from some quistling bitch Volt quitters)

For all complaints and applications for CEO please contact
Madam Trinity
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