Corporation details - 0rizen Irregulars [0RIG]
Alliance: Sev3rance CEO: Combelvon Bouchard
Kills: 21558 HQ:
Losses: 70 Members: 91
ISK destroyed: 4,434.80B Shares:
ISK lost: 11.69B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 99.74% Website:
0RIG is a core group of mature players that has stuck together through adversity and numerous obstacles, surrounded by new-player friendly pilots. We dwell in the NRDS lifestyle.

We are proud to be part of
Sev3rance, which is part of ProviBlock. We live in Nullsec.

We encourage the goals of our individual members, may they be:
- Explorers;
- Industry minded;
- Hating Sanshas;
- Jolly Space Truckers; or
- Hardcore PvP-minded.

We do not dictate our pilot's life; we help them prosper. Fly with us, and you will enjoy this Internet-Spaceship game for sure. ;)

Yllej Gniht, Esteemed Founder
Combelvon Bouchard, CEO
M'lany, Diplomat, Jane-of-all-trades, co-CEO
J'arten, Diplomats
Quinu Lieres, Ore, Ice and Minerals
Terreur Aivo, Infrastructure caretaker
Sagarkor, Bootmaster, Membership Application Review

Recruiting and Diplomacy Channel:
Why Not NullSec
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