Corporation details - Criterion. [CRYE]
Alliance: Northern Coalition. CEO: NCC 1701E
Kills: 235 HQ:
Losses: 54 Members: 77
ISK destroyed: 114.62B Shares: 10000
ISK lost: 14.80B Tax Rate: 6.9%
Efficiency: 88.56% Website:
A standard of judgment or criticism; a rule or principle for evaluating or testing something.

Just a bunch of homies collecting tears for 10 years now

Taxation is Theft
Every Gun Law Is An Infringement

Get down with the syndrome
Turning molehills into mountains for the past 2 years

-----> EFFECT

If you need to contact us mail,
Jesus Rambo
NCC 1701E
Zori Aldent

If you are interested in hanging out with the homies, hit us up in here ---> Criterion Recruitment
Recruitment Status:
who u is

[03:49:01] Thebearjew Tonka > cant die together if you cant finsh together

"Yikes, Sounds rough team, We will make up for it
In God’s time zone
The time zone of bald eagles
Of freedom
Of Trump
Of Bush
Of Reagan
-Admiral Wheeler


[- T -] Keef DrowYesterday at 9:09 AM
i consider any channel with CRYE nsfw so it's fine by me

NoctoPussy > yellow blinky, suck my tinky, then stick ur little dinky, in ur moms winky

[04:54:06] Quark Curneth > with an IQ of 156, I care not what one bit how large you think my brain is, I am curious though why that would be even remotely interesting to you? This Jesus Rambo guy is obviously suffering from some kind of brain damage or just living a very sad life since such meaningless and badly formulated "trash" talk has any value to any of you
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