Corporation details - Svea Rike [.S.R.]
Alliance: Brothers of Tangra CEO: Mr Mnemonic
Kills: 1431 HQ:
Losses: 288 Members: 20
ISK destroyed: 1,961.13B Shares: 100000
ISK lost: 36.91B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 98.15% Website:
Svea Rike - Was the oldest, largest and most active Swedish nullsec pvp-corp in EVE-Online for 15 years.
Now the corp rests and all active players have left.
Founded 2004.

(Only accepting Swedish speaking pilots!)

Videos created by Svea Rike:
I'm not you, I'm CO2
We are coming!
Goodbye CO2
A new hope!
Return of the CO2
Svea is a Team
We speak Swedish
We play golf

Svea Rike var det äldsta, största och mest aktiva helt Svensk-språkiga pvp-corpet i EVE-Online i över 15 år. Corpet var baserat i nullsec och la stor vikt på att våra medlemmar var aktiva.
SR Recruit
Öppen kanal för frenemies:
SR Publik

Mr Mnemonic - The new CEO handling the corp while it is resting
Akakabooto - ex CEO. Viking from the Swdish north, where winter IS coming! Latest project: new man-cave. Will lock you up in a small room and guard you if you've been naughty!
Eman Rente - ex Co-CEO and Director. ex-CEO. Big and Bigger ships! Glider pilot, karate-expert, can teach you anything. He-man Master of the Universe
Shiny Ex - ex Director and ex-CEO. Our first CEO from 13+ years ago. He is old, but still alive! Barely! Likes to play with electricity.
Isvind - ex Director. Newly appointed, but not a r00kie! He will litterally gut you and analyze your stomach!
Emmy Mnemonic - ex Director and ex-CEO. IPSC shooter and weapons salesman. Ethics: -"if I don't sell them, someone else will".
Jessica Maroon - ex Director and ex-CEO. Consistantly cheers for the wrong soccer-team. He is the architech, not the brain-surgeon!
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