Item details - Torpedo Launcher II
Torpedo Launcher II
A massive launcher designed for extended bombardments of hard targets like battleships and stations. Contains a huge missile capacity, but has a slow firing rate and trouble targeting small, fast ships.
Cargo capacity 2 m3
Mass 0 kg
Volume 20 m3
Baseprice 655,792 ISK
Reload Time 10000 s
Rate of fire 14400 s
Overload rate of fire bonus -15 %
CPU usage 88 tf
Powergrid Usage 1838 MW
Heat Damage 2.0999999046325684 HP
Structure Hitpoints 40 HP
Used with (Charge Group) Torpedo
Used with (Charge Group) Light Defender Missile
Used with (Charge Group) Advanced Torpedo
Secondary Skill required Torpedo Specialization
Primary Skill required Missile Launcher Operation
Meta Level 5 Level
Required Thermodynamics Level 1 Level
Tech Level 2 Level
slots 1
Charges Per Cycle 1
requiredSkill1Level 4
requiredSkill2Level 1
hiddenLauncherDamageBonus 50
heatAbsorbtionRateModifier 0.019999999552965164
typeColorScheme 11325
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