Item details - 425mm AutoCannon II
425mm AutoCannon II
The 425mm is a behemoth that will inflict severe damage on most cruisers and frigates in short-range battles.

Must be loaded with any of the following regular and advanced projectile ammo types: Carbonized Lead, Depleted Uranium, EMP, Fusion, Nuclear, Phased Plasma, Proton, Titanium Sabot, Barrage, Hail.
Cargo capacity 1.5 m3
Mass 1,000 kg
Volume 10 m3
Baseprice 373,210 ISK
Accuracy falloff 10320 m
Signature Resolution 40000 m
Optimal Range 2400 m
Reload Time 10000 s
Rate of fire 5625 s
Damage Modifier 3.4649999141693115 x
Overload damage bonus 15 %
CPU usage 25 tf
Powergrid Usage 154 MW
Heat Damage 0.800000011920929 HP
Structure Hitpoints 40 HP
Activation Cost 0 GJ
Used with (Charge Group) Advanced Autocannon Ammo
Used with (Charge Group) Projectile Ammo
Secondary Skill required Gunnery
Tertiary Skill required Medium Autocannon Specialization
Primary Skill required Medium Projectile Turret
Charge size 2
Meta Level 5 Level
Required Thermodynamics Level 1 Level
Tech Level 2 Level
slots 1
Charges Per Cycle 1
accuracyBonus 0
Turret Tracking 33.79199981689453
requiredSkill1Level 5
requiredSkill2Level 3
requiredSkill3Level 1
republicFleetBonusMultiplier 0
heatAbsorbtionRateModifier 0.019999999552965164
typeColorScheme 11343
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